Monday, March 7, 2011

Be Sure to Read the Small Print

This woman who is extremely debilitated, has diminished labs and mobility with near total blindness following an episode of Candida Sepsis with an endocarditic. Her co morbidities (many problems) are affecting rehabilitation.

In June of 2007 my wife and I worked as camp hosts on Mount Hood, Oregon. We had spent four months of the last 4 years there. At the end of our stay we stopped off in Hanford, California to visit family. My wife had a bout of diverticulitis and I took her to a doctor that her sister goes to. He put her on an antibiotic and told her he would sat up a colonoscopy as soon as possible. She made it for two days, and I had to call the doctor. He told me the way to get her into a hospital was through emergency. He told me which hospital to take her to. That hospital admitted her but then the doctor that was to do the colonoscopy said they had to move to her to the other hospital because he didn’t like the equipment that was there.

She was moved by ambulance (which I paid for) and was checked into the Adventist Health Hanford Community Medical Center. A colonoscopy was done, and they found she needed a bowel resection. The surgeon came by and told us he had remove a foot of her lower intestine and she should be able to go home in 5 or 6 days. While my wife walked into one hospital, she came out of a den of iniquity 56 days later in a wheel chair, blind, and wearing a catheter.

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