Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Date of admission 09/16/07

History of present Illness the patient is a 71 year -old female .

She apparently has had viral Transverse Myelitus since 1997 and venous of lower extremities
She had one episode of diverticulitis last year and two other episodes of diverticulitis this year in July and August she was doing fine until September of this year 2007 when she was admitted to the hospital where the patient experienced the acute onset of severe left quadrant adnominal bloating. She was admitted for further evaluation and treatment . She denied any diabetes, hypertension, heart, lung or kidney problem.

The colon resection was done the day after her colonoscopy. There were complications with her IV, her veins kept collapsing, so they brought in a nurse from somewhere else to put an main line in her neck . This person came from thirty miles away and should tell you what kind of shoe string they worked on.
On the third day my wife was complaining about her stomach hurting and other pains in her head, back and arms. It is normal for the patient to start feeling bad after an operation so I did not get upset…yet.

Candida The infection is also known as 'systemic
This infectious disease can be caused from unsanitary
conditions in a hospital. And can be caused by unsanitary or improperly inserting or removing a I/V.
The outcome of this infectious disease? One in twenty-five live. With this in mind, my thoughts go to hospitals and the people that work in them.

candidiasis'. The infection starts by invading the bloodstream, affecting the liver and the urinary tract. The systemic yeast infection is extremely hard to discover at its early stage. The candida attacks all the body organs including the sensory organs. The wellbeing of a person depends upon the severity of the infection. Candidiasis becomes dangerous due to its ability to spread quickly, all over the human body.

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